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To Contact Directly, call Gary Golden at (717) 766-8512 or (717) 243-2397


The S. Wilson Pollock Center for Industrial Training is a service of The Arc of Cumberland and Perry Counties (CPARC). CPARC is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs.

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The S. Wilson Pollock Center for Industrial Training is CPARC's vocational training program. The Pollock Center is a community-based program whose primary mission is to serve the needs of individuals with vocational challenges. The Pollock Center provides remunerative training and employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities and other vocational challenges in the tri-county area.

The Pollock Center’s spectrum of programs include: vocational evaluations; personal work adjustment training; extended work activities; on site training; and industry integrated training.

An important training component of the Pollock Center is its food service training program. Pollock Center trainees learn how to work in a model industrial kitchen, and offer a daily lunch menu for staff and trainees alike. In addition, the Pollock Center holds contracts with the federal government to provide boxed lunches daily to area military recruits and twice a week to Homeland Security. Finally, the Pollock Center’s food service department operates a catering service titled "Sassy Gourmet" which performs catering for State Government and commercial businesses.

In addition to providing a service to individuals with disabilities and other special vocational needs, the Pollock Center is also important to local industry. The Pollock Center offers contract services including collating; poly bagging; shrink-wrapping; display and promotion packaging; hand assembly and labeling. 

The Pollock Center works with area businesses supporting integrated training and offering training opportunities. The Pollock Center provides continuous support through client services and employs professional staff who provide a variety of job search and job training assistance.

"The Center for Industrial Training has been a great solution to my staffing needs.  Not only do they get the job done right and in a timely manner, they help me manage my work flow by providing adequate manpower during peak business periods."
                                                                                       --Jeff St. Cyr, Warehouse Supervisor

The Pollock Center offers vocational training to 300 people daily and 425 people annually who face challenges as a result of injury, illness, economic status or disability.

For those individuals who are ready to move on to competitive employment, the Pollock Center offers a variety of placement services and assistance as well as long-term support.

Our Employment Specialists work one-on-one with each individual, first assessing the individual's skills and capabilities, then assisting the individual in applying for employment, interviewing, and securing and maintaining appropriate employment in the community.  Our long term follow-up ensures satisfaction of both the employer and the employee.

For more information contact the Community Employment Manager at 717-766-8512.

Intake/Referral Procedure
Referrals to the Pollock Center come from varying sources; individuals, physicians, other social services agencies, school districts, etc., and can be initiated by a phone call to the Intake Supervisor.

A tour of the facility will be scheduled and background data will be collected. The Intake Acceptance Team then decides on appropriateness for evaluation or other training programs.

For more information contact the Intake Supervisor at 717-766-8512.

When an individual is referred to The Pollock Center for evaluation, several methods are used to determine the appropriate work setting.

Some standardized tests are utilized such as:
• interest inventories
• standardized work samples to measure skills such as: dexterity, speed, and ability to follow directions
• basic reading and math tests
• clerical aptitude tests

Ten to twenty day situational assessments in our training areas are also used to determine coordination levels and the level of training needed to complete simple and complex tasks.

Case Management
A Vocational Case Manager is assigned to each trainee as they enter the program. It is the responsibility of the case manager to assure that programming runs smoothly for the trainee, to provide short term counseling for problems that directly affect the trainees’ vocational growth, to organize all meetings, to review the trainees' progress, and to coordinate and encourage communication with all team members.

Training Programs
The Pollock Center offers specialized training in Food Service. The curriculum for Food Service includes hands-on instruction in our modern, restaurant-equipped facility. Daily cafeteria style meals are
provided at the center as well as preparation of government contracted boxed lunch programs.

In addition, we operate a catering service known as the
"Sassy Gourmet", in which trainees participate in all aspects of the business!

Facility Base Employment
Facility based employment is also offered at the Pollock Center for those individuals who need vocational training for an extended period of time.

The purpose of this program is to enable each trainee to function more independently by increasing his or her level of social, vocational, and emotional functioning. This is accomplished by utilizing real work from nationally recognized companies and by developing vocational goals in an industrial environment.

Transitional Employment
On-Site training programs through the Pollock Center provide a transitional employment stage between the sheltered workshop environment and community employment.

Trainees in these programs receive real work experience at community businesses, such as Wal-Mart, Messiah and Dickinson Colleges.

In addition to receiving close supervision at the location of the business, case management services are provided to support the trainee.

As vocational skills are mastered, the trainee is assisted by a professional placement counselor in locating a suitable, competitive job.

Admissions, the provision of services, and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, marital status or veteran status.


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